Introduction to Data for Management
Using data to strengthen the immunization supply chain
Data enables decision-makers at all supply chain levels to make data-driven strategic and operational decisions and to take corrective actions contributing to an improved performance of the supply chain.
Poor data quality and high workloads are common arguments for low data use in countries. Health workers see data collection as a chore without considering the benefits of using data to better manage the supply chain and...

Dashboards are used to visualize data. Visualising data makes it easier to act on and identify bottlenecks and implement corrective and preventive action when managing and planning for the immunization supply chain.

Immunization supply chain indicators are used to monitor the performance of the supply chain. Gavi Alliance partners have defined and agreed on a selection of standard indicators to be used for in-country performance monitoring.

Country Cases
Country cases are available to support countries learn from other countries how they can use supply chain data to improve the performance of their immunization supply chain.


Visualize, analyse, improve

In Mozambique, the responsibility for many immunization supply chain tasks, including supply chain data collection, has been shifted from health workers to a full-time, professional, government-employed logisticians.